Burak Ozcivit

Burak Ozcivit


Burak Özçivit was born on 24 December 1984 in Mersin South-East Turkey. Burak is a Turkish performer and model. He finished his study from Kazim Ismen High School, Istanbul. He later graduated from from Marmara University (Istanbul), personnel of Fine Arts and worked as a model in the meantime. In the meantime, Burak Ozcivit became an entirely well-known model in Turkey, collaborated with numerous European brands and was popular as a model. In 2003, Özçivit was chosen the Top Model of Turkey and he started working with Model Agencies. In 2005, Burak Ozcivit was picked as the second best model of the world. 2003 was extremely effective for Burak. This sharp brunette took the second prize in the opposition “Best Model of The World”, won the opposition of male models “Best Model of Turkey”, and furthermore had his photos taken for fronts of present-day magazines “Marie Claire” and “Gloria Magazine”. Be that as it may, just in 2006 Turkish movie producers attracted their thoughtfulness regarding that point of view young fellow and welcomed him to assume a job in a film Minus 18/Eksi 18. The job was little yet in a year he was welcomed again to assume a job in the thriller Infected/Musallat, and somewhat later in the TV series Husband under imperative/Zoraki Koca. Burak Ozcivit assumed the primary role of the single kid Omer who experienced childhood in a rich and regarded family. His legend was a spoilt young fellow who got all that he needed effectively. His lifestyle made him extremely bold and in the end, he lost his dad’s cash. His folks were extremely frustrated in their child and chose to discover a spouse for him. They picked a little girl of the dad’s colleague. Amid 2008-2009 the following TV series with Burak Ozcivit in the primary job was discharged. Television series reveals to us the tale about a music band in which a young lady soloist came. In 2010 Burak was welcomed again to assume the lead role in TV series Betrayal/Ihanet, where he assumed the role of a policeman Emir, examining a homicide case in which, as it turned out later, was included his sweetheart Hazel. In a year Burak Ozcivit played in TV series Little mysteries of Istanbul/Küçük Sırlar which recount to us about the account of rich families and their kids – the floated youth. No doubt his acting profession achieved its best, however, Burak still required something to open up his ability completely. Furthermore, in 2011 the TV actor had a fortunate opportunity to do a role in a standout amongst the most renowned TV series devoted to the Ottoman Empire – A wonderful century. He assumed the role of an intrepid and bold trooper, authority of the Ottoman armed force. Burak assumed this role splendidly and earned acclaim in numerous nations and among numerous nationalities, won a large number of fans. In 2013 Burak Ozchivit was welcome to assume the job of an attractive man Kamran in the third screen adaptation of the renowned novel composed by Turkish essayist Resat Nuri Guntekin Goldcrest/Çalıkuşu. A youthful and viewpoint TV actor Fahriye Evcen assumed the job of Faride. Later on, Ozcivit played in Kardeşim Benim motion picture inverse Murat Boz. In 2015 Burak starred in Turkish dramatic series Kara Sevda as Kemal Soydere. Özçivit is additionally the maker of BRK’S Production. Özçivit got engaged to Fahriye Evcen on 9 March 2017 in Germany and on 29 June 2017, they wedded in Istanbul. Stay tuned to know more about Burak Ozcivit and his LifeStyle.

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