Burcin Abdullah

Burcin Abdullah


Burcin Abdullah (Turkish: Burçin Abdullah), Turkish actress, theatre artist born in Bursa, Turkey on July 22, 1987. She became famous for her role as a little girl in series Üvey Baba released in 1998. She studied from Akasya High School in Fatih, Istanbul. She graduated from Marmara University, Department of Economics in Istanbul. Then she went to America and got his master’s degree in economics. She studied acting and drama in the USA. Burçin Abdullah, who first appeared in front of the camera with the series Acı Günler, became famous with the character Lamia, played in the series named Üvey Baba, released in 1998. Burçin Abdullah appeared in various TV series and films such as Diriliş Ertuğrul, On the Edge of Hope, Rich Girl Poor Boy, Ankara Letter Letter Farewell, Father Called Me, Center for Everything, Bad Road, Dila Hanım, Once Upon a Time Ottoman, etc

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