Jhansi can speak in six Telugu dialects and regards Mandalikam dialect as her forte. She is also trained in Veena. Jhansi was a national level player in volleyball, disc, and javelin throw. She has hosted many popular Telugu shows like’Black,’ ‘Ko ante Koti,’ ‘Naveena,’ ‘ATM,’ ‘Pellipustakam,’ and ‘Sunday Sandadi.’ She has hosted the first, second, and third seasons of the TV show “Black,” which is the first Indian reality show based on the visually challenged people. She has played pivotal roles in the blockbuster films like ‘Jayam Manadera’ (2000), Raa, ‘Family Circus’ (2001), ‘Yagnam’ (2004), ‘Bhadra’ (2005), ‘Sri Krishna’ (2006), ‘Ashta Chamma-Heroine Aunt’ (2008), ‘Racha’ (2012), ‘Saakshyam’ (2018), ‘Maharshi’ (2019), and ‘Kousalya Krishnamurthy’ (2019). In 2012, Jhansi revealed that she was suffering from Thoracic outlet syndrome. In an interview, while talking about her disease and her journey to the recovery, she said-

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