Suresh Chakravarthy

Suresh Chakravarthy


1. His most famous film in Tamil is K Balachander’s Azhagan in 1991. 

2. He was the manager for actress Amala and actor Karthik in the 80’s. 

3. He owns restaurants abroad and is a very good chef. He started the Youtube Channel Suresh Chakravarthy in this lockdown. 

4. He was the director of 90’s kids favourite show Pepsi Ungal Choice. 

5. He was also a production controller in AVM productions. 

6. He was the dialogue writer for many Telugu films dubbed in Tamil. 

7.  His inspiration in the movie industry is Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan 

8. Suresh Chakravarthy has good bonding with many popular actors of 80’s Tamil cinema like Mamooty, Madhumitha, and Bhanupriya.


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