Where To Buy Best Gold In Bangalore, Top 22 Famous Jewellery Shops List

Where To Buy Best Gold In Bangalore, Top 22 Famous Jewellery Shops List

Bangalore, also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ is not just a hub for tech enthusiasts but also a gold mine for those passionate about exquisite jewelry. The city’s rich tapestry of culture, interwoven with a deep-rooted history of craftsmanship, has bestowed it with some of the finest gold shops in the country. From the bustling streets of Chickpet to the opulent malls of MG Road, Bangalore’s gold legacy sparkles as brightly as ever.

Here’s a curated list of 30 best gold shops in Bangalore to guide you on this glittering journey:

1. Bhima Jewellers: A longstanding name with a strong reputation in South India. 

2. Navrathan Jewellers: Known for their exquisite traditional and designer collections.

3. Totaram & Sons Jewellers: Offers a diverse range of traditional South Indian jewelry.

4. Manepally Jewellers: Their intricate designs are quite popular among locals.

5. Tanishq: A pan-India brand known for its trustworthiness and design variety.

6. Joyalukkas: Another pan-India brand originating from Kerala, offering an extensive range of designs.

7. C.Krishniah Chetty & Sons: A heritage jeweler with a legacy dating back to 1869.

8. GRT Jewellers: Known for their craftsmanship and wide selection of designs.

9. Malabar Gold & Diamonds: A trusted name with branches across India.

10. Kalyan Jewellers: Offers a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.

11. Kirtilals: Known for their high-quality diamonds and intricate craftsmanship.

12. Senco Gold & Diamonds: Offers a blend of traditional and modern designs.

13. Khazana Jewellery: Known for their elegant and timeless pieces.

These are just a few of the many renowned gold jewelry outlets in Bangalore. Whether you’re looking for classic designs or contemporary styles, Bangalore has something to offer for every aesthetic and occasion. Happy shopping!