• What Sadhguru Says About Jesus | Sadhguru Ramayana | Sadhguru Latest On Lord Rama

    This Video is all about "What Sadhguru Says About Jesus?". In this Video Sadhguru Talk On "LORD JESUS AND LORD RAMA" Also, he explains How Ramayana Ends? And "how Ramayana Started?". When One Person Ask Question To Sadhguru "What Do You Says About Rama And Jesus Sadhguru?" And Why Should We Follow Jesus And Rama?. For This Question. Sadhguru Gave Beautiful Answer. Sadhguru Said "The age of 32 you got nailed had a terrible death. We call it a successful life. No, but we bow down to him because it seems we don't know. But we believe what people have believed always that even when he was nailed, he said they know not what they're doing. Forgive them for that we bow down to him. Not because you got nail because getting nailed is not a successful life isn't it but even if you nail him he did not lose his quality that we bought. So that's all that matters to us whether they existed that they are an inspiration for you. Whether everything that said about them is true or not. Demon This is not your problem. You're not a historian. Alright. You just need some icon to move towards a better way of existing for yourself. That's all. What does it matter? Krishna did not exist. Jesus did not exist. What does it matter to you. 2000 years ago whether a man lived or did not live, or it's just a figment of somebody's imagination? What does it matter? It is the quality that matters, isn't it? We recognize these qualities as great qualities in some way trying to emulate them to whatever extent one can that's what we're looking at."