Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat


Sofia Hayat was born on 6 December 1974 at Kent, England. Her father's name is Zammurrad Mother's name is Surriya. She has Sister- Zarka, Saira and Tahira and Brother- Majid and Wajid. She holds a BA (Hons) in Music and Performing Arts and studied acting for nearly seven years. Hayat named on the FHM sexiest women in the world list in position 81 in September 2013. Sofia Hayat is a retired English actress, singer, model, and television personality. She also participated in Bigg Boss 7 in 2013. She entered as a wild card entry but however, she got evicted on 12th week on 8 December 2013. She married her boyfriend Vlad Stanescu an interior designer by profession on 24 April 2017. However, Sofia divorced her husband Vlad after completing one year of their marriage as he turned to be a con man. However, she embraced In June 2016, spirituality and become a nun. She adopted the name, Gaia Sofia Mother. Her last Television Hindi tv serial is Comedy Nights Bachao in 2016.

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