Jabardasth Avinash

Jabardasth Avinash


Jabardasth Avinash started his career as a mimicry artist in various local TV shows. He auditioned for various TV shows and films. In 2013, he auditioned for the TV comedy show, “Kevvu Keka.” In one of the seasons of the ETV show, ‘Tadaka,’ Avinash particpated as a comedian where he met Chimmak Chandra. At that time, Chimmak was working in the TV show, ‘Jabardasth,’ and he asked Avinash to audition for the TV comedy show, ‘Jabardasth.’ Avinash was selected in the audition of the TV comedy show, ‘Jabardasth’ (2014). He got very popular after this show, and people started recognising him as ‘Jabardhast Avinash.’ In an interview, Avinash said,

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